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>> developing now, more than a dozen people rescued and even more missing after a ship sinks off the australian coast. i'm julie banderas, we're live as fox reports tonight. it's coming down to the wire, just 48 hours left until election day 2009. fox news is tracking three major races in three different states that could have a big impact on the white house and the future of the g.o.p. tonight, the latest on where the candidates stand and the issues driving voters to the polls. also tonight, the way forward in afghanistan. as a key challenger in the nation's disputed elections bows out, renewed pressure on the president to make a decision on sending in more troops and fast. ahead, what this could mean for
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our fight against the taliban and the future of american soldiers on the front lines. well, president obama's name won't be on the ballot this election day, but as far as the white house is concerned, well, there could be much at stake for his administration as there is for any candidate craving victory this tuesday. the biggest indication of this, the president obama's blip across new jersey with corzine, the fight of his political life with chris christie. right now it's a statistical dead heat. despite the involvement of independent candidate chris daggett. huge one of three important races that could indicate the future political climate in the u.s. another new york's 23rd congressional race, in another surprising development, the g.o.p. candidate who suddenly suspended her campaign yesterday is now endorsing her former democratic rival over the conservative party candidate.
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more on that in just a moment. meanwhile, it's shaping up to be a g.o.p. victory in virginia's gubernatorial race. and mcdonnell leads in the polls. last november president obama became the first democratic presidential nominee to win the state in 40 years. we have complete live fox team political coverage of all three races. carl cameron is in virginia, molly line in watertown, new york. and we begin with the president's visit in the garden state. >> hi, julie, it's a close one in new jersey and a big question tonight, can president obama help the struggling democrat there. the most recent poll average shows republican challenger chris christie ahead of governor jon corzine, 42-41. independent chris daggett comes in at 11 points, but his support appears to be fading. remember, obama carried new jersey by 20 points, so, democratic governor corzine is
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in trouble and flying in to help him out today was president obama, the push by mr. obama is aimed at roar energizing the base in new jersey, especially african-american voters who helped obama win the white house. governor corzine introduced the president today as his partner, friend and hero. >> the stakes of this election could not be higher. do we embrace the politics of yes we can? or do we go back to the sdas strus policies and bankrupt values of the republican years? >> but republican chris christie has been picking up support from independents and could give him the edge. the former gang busting u.s. attorney is running as an anti-corruption, anti-tax guy. christie says the race is not about obama at all, but about governor corzine's record. when it comes to jon corzine just remember this, about ten years ago people who knew him a lot better than we know him, his
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old partners at goldman sachs, well, they decided to fire him and on tuesday we're going to do exactly the same thing. >> so with the final push on now, the corzine campaign conducts a late push for voters who supported obama last year. the obama white house hopes the president's popularity in new jersey, brand obama, can help governor corzine eke out a victory and afraid a high profile democratic loss tuesday night, julie. >> julie: thank you, julie. now to that new york congressional race and another bombshell today. the republican candidate, who dropped out yesterday, now endorsing the democrat. dede skozzafava snubbing conservative party candidate doug hoffman in favor of democrat bill owens. skozzafava cited a recent cash, and they are neck and neck. well, the race pitted the conservative and moderate wings of the g.o.p. against each
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other, and as a centrist republican, skozzafava was losing votes to hoffman who left the g.o.p. to run as a third party candidate. hoffman also got high profile endorsements from the leaks of sarah palin and minnesota governor tim pawlenty. white house aides shows the republican party is becoming more extreme and more marginalized with little room for moderates. molly line in upstate new york with the news. how is the g.o.p. reacting to this endorsement? >> yeah, well, within the g.o.p. this endorsement skozzafava's endorsement of a democrat instead of the conservative party candidate a gentleman a long time activist within the republican party, certainly rankling some and roughlying feathers and throwing the endort behind hoffman clearly and conservative action said that susan b. anthony that this decision confirmed why it's important for conservatives and people that care about the g.o.p. to get involved in this
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race. and this race has caused a lot of discussion within the g.o.p. is it evidence of a risk? something that could be seen again or something that's a very unusual circumstance that we're seeing just in new york's 23rd district, this long district along the canadian border, will we see it again? will it affect 2010? that's yet to be determined. >> julie: what does the race look like now, now that skozzafava has dropped out? >> yeah, you know, it's retail politics right now. the candidates are both getting out there today, shaking hands with the voters. bill owens saying that he's grateful for the endorsement that he has received from skozzafava and says now that this is about bipartisanship and the reason she was forced out was because of republican idea logs. so some harshing words back and forth as things move forward. bill event scheduled for tomorrow. bill owens will be campaigning in watertown, new yorking with vice-president joe biden and mr. hoffman out there as well with his own big names, fred thompson joining him, jerry thompson as well, some country music. so, a big day tomorrow in that
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final push, julie. >> julie: molly line, thank you very much. looking forward to more coverage. to virginia and yet another race that could have significant national implications. republican bob mcdonnell and kree deeds go head to head in the state's gubernatorial race. mcdonnell is averaging a solid double digit lead in the polls. take a look at analysis from kreel politics, both crisscrossing the state for a final push before voters have their say on tuesday, virginia considered a battle ground state. and it went blue for barack obama in the presidential election, and one year later appears the republicans are poised for a big win. carl cameron with poised there with more. is it the polls are right, is it a sign of trouble for the democrats on a national level? >> sure, both parties will take lessons from this. the g.o.p. first will take lesson from bob mcdonnell and say that's the way that republicans cannot only contend
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in the year of obama and compete, but if the polls are right, even win on tuesday night you're right he's had a double digit lead and run a small government limited tax type of conservative campaign and it's been troublesome for creigh deeds, having a hard time getting the obama vote. deeds in defeat would send a message to moderate democrats across the country that if they are seeking reelection in states that tend to be purple, swing states like virginia is, they could be in serious trouble because in virginia, the obama and the washington democrats gaern agenda has been an issue and keeping him on the defensive. >> julie: i want your insight on this. skozzafava comes out and endorses the democrats, a moderate republican in the race. now, she supports gay rights and supports gay marriage in fact and supports abortion rights. was this that big of a surprise to the rnc? >> well, i think the rnc and the
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republican establishment were caught off guard by the reaction from the conservative right across the country to her being picked. she was selected to run for a seat that opened up when president obama tapped former republican congressman john mccue to be the army secretary. 11 county republican chairman up in upstate new york picked skozzafava to run for the seat and the conservatives went bananas. i think that a lot of republican establishment types were caught off guard and what doug hoffman's candidacy is in a great measure about is anti-republican establishment. he wants to make it clear, as do the tea party activists who got behind this so aggressively, that they don't want to see republicans compromising conservative values and principles just for the sake of winning a congressional seat and winning the majority back. that they believe would be if not an empty victory, want to see more principle attached to the policies of the g.o.p. and more closely conservatism. >> julie: thank you for your
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analysis, waist scratching my head today, thinking they had to have seen this coming, but who knows? i'm not politician. carl cameron live in virginia. >> it's a fascinating development the last few days of this election. >> julie: yeah, it certainly is, kind of fishy, i don't know. all right, carl, thank you very much. well, in addition to the political races we just previewed several other noteworthy contests playing out across the country. we should mention. including two more in virginia where carl is right now. republican lt. governor william bowling trying to fend off a challenge from democrat jody wagner. also, in virginia, an open seat contest for state attorney general, republican scaring off against democrat steven shannon and in new york city, independent incumbent michael bloomberg hoping to secure a third term as the big apple's mayor. his challenger in new york city is new york's comptroller bill thompson, a democrat. another big city mayoral race in
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atlanta. norwood, borders and reed vying in an open seat contest and of course, fox news is the place for fair and balanced coverage of this year's political races. make sure to tune in this election day, tuesday, november 3rd, mark your calendars, starts here at 6 p.m. eastern and check out our website at, it's updated with the late breaking coverage you need to know and context on the nationwide impact. big developments in another important election, but this one is thousands of miles away from any u.s. voting booths. presidential challenger abdullah abdullah dropping out of the afghan runoff election set to take place just six days from now. the election is scheduled to go on as planned, but abdullah's decision effectively handing a victory to hamid karzai. as you probably know, the first vote back in august was riddled with allegations of fraud by karzai supporters.
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abdullah saying his demand for changes meant to keep the runoff honest. were ignored by karzai, but abdullah stopping short of calling for an electoral boycott and urging supporters not to take to the street for protests and the white house insisting that abdullah's withdrawal will not affect president obama's ultimate decision on troop levels in afghanistan. we'll have much, much more on this developing story coming up. a high school homecoming dance turns deadly after someone opened fire on a crowd of hundreds of 16 year old honor student shot dead. now, police hunt for her killer, that's coming up. plus, it's already illegal to talk on cell phones while driving, well, now there's another reason to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. details next. in my busy kitchen, i want nothing but the best.
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>> a 16-year-old girl is dead and a manhunt is on after someone opened fire after a high school homecoming game in long beach, california. shock and grief after news that melody ross tied or did not survive friday's shooting. police say it's unclear what led to the gunfire, but tell us that ross was an innocent bystander. >> nobody ever thought this, melody was the last person that ever would. this is really hard right now. >> i was sitting next to her
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when she got shot. >> a sad story. we're told the victim was an honor student and athlete who was dressed up as super girl the night she was killed. two other people were shot in the halloween melee and officials say both had to be hospitalized, but are expected to survive. well, new developments tonight in a shocking story we first told you about last night. police in ohio saying that all six bodies found at a home in cleveland resulted from homicide, but that's not all. they are all female. investigators revealing at least four of the victims were strangled. the two other bodies are too badly decompose today determine a cause of death and police are asking for the public's help in identifying the missing victims and who they could be. officers making a gruesome discovery when they showed up to arrest him for rape. he previously spent 15 years in prison a rape charge from 1989. the 50-year-old went back behind bars on a warrant.
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no charges yet filed for the murders. well, an iraqi immigrant now behind bars in arizona accused of running down his daughter because she became too westernized. al-maliki is facing aggravated assault charges. police say he drove his jeep over his daughter and her boyfriend's mother has week. then he fled the country. he eventually ended up in london where authorities turned him over to u.s. officials. his daughter, 20-year-old, is hospitalized in serious condition after spinal surgery. we're told family members say that her father believes he she was shunning his conservative values by living with her boyfriend. >> at new york to the growing list of states where it's now illegal to text and drive. the new law starts today. and new york is the latest state to enforce this ban making texting while driving is illegal part of a move to prevent drivers from being distracted and make the roads safer. laura ingle has the latest.
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>> julie, if you live in new york state and are tempted to send a quick text message while behind the wheel, be warned. that text could cost you $150 if you're caught. lawmakers hope the anti-texting fine would do the trick to keep the driver's eyes where they should be. >> 14 states and district of columbia currently ban text messaging for all drivers, with four more imposing a ban by january. some states are really cracking down, in maine, legislators made it illegal to do anything while driving that isn't necessary to the operation of a vehicle. legislators have been trying to find the best approach to a federal ban for some time. and their solution is based on either incentives are penalty. this week, a bipartisan senate panel introduced a bill that would provide incentive to ban drivers 18 years and under from using a cell phone and a similar senate bill this summer that would put penalties on states for not enacting texting laws and would take away federal highway funds from states who
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don't comply. the house of representatives held a similar hearing this week, in both the house and senate committee meeting, transportation secretary ray lahood stressed that legislation is needed and the incentive toy proech. experts say the key is education. >> it's a behavior issue, it's going to take behavior change and we have to create an environment within our country that it's something that is our responsibility when we get into our car at that we make safe choices so that we're not just protecting ourselves, but we're protecting everyone else that we share the roads with. >> and here is a stat that might catch your attention, the american medical association identified texting while driving is public health risk, a study that found texting and driving caused a 400% increase in time spent with eyes off the road. julie. >> julie: laura, thank you. you're still waiting to get vaccinated against the h1n1 virus, are you? you're not alone. it's been slow to come with many fewer doses available than health officials first
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predicted, but now, some good news on that from the white house. we'll tell you what it is next. plus, how the health care overhaul could impact those tax-free flexible savings accounts. critics saying it would be another middle class tax cut. the details ahead. nininininini
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>> more h1n1 vaccine is coming. the advisor to president obama, the vaccine has been in short supply as everyone knows. instead of 40 million doses as planned in october, they only got 28 million, but we're told now that's about to change. >> we do, however, expect that over the next week or two, we will be getting more doses. when i say more, we're projected to get about 8 to 10 million over the next couple of weeks and we'll significantly decrease that gap, won't eliminate it completely. >> big news, the h1n1 flu vaccination program began on october 5th, but millions have been frustrated when they haven't been able to find the vaccine.
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the government says with these new doses coming in, there should be enough vaccine for everyone in the u.s. who wants it. a possible cap in store for those tax fre flexible spending accounts. the currently health care reform bills in congress would limit annu annual fsa allowance. they set aside pretax dollars for dental work and insurance co-pays and over-the-counter drugs. capping the contributions ser avs a tax on the middle class. others argue a limit would help curb overuse of medical care. use it or lose it would have people spend unnecessarily. cit group declaring one of the biggest bankruptcy in corporate history. the company makes loans to thousands of small and medium sized businesses, filing for chapter 11 protection today. the move essentially wiping out
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common and preferred stacks holders, including american taxpayers, you may remember the government already sunk 2.3 billion dollars into cit to prop it up after the financial meltdown. fox news is on the job hunt and we're waiting an important number from the labor department. this week, we get the national unemployment rate for october. september's came in at 9.8%, but most economists agreeing october will top that. already several states have a jobless rate in the double digits and almost everybody thinks the national unemployment rate will pass 10% in the near future, including treasury secretary timothy geithner. >> it's going to take some time for unemployment to come down for jobs to get created again and that's why people recognize that we have a responsibility to keep working at this so we're reinforcing recovery. >> julie: and while new employment opportunities are crucial for any economic
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recovery, it's not the only factor. more now from senior correspondent brenda buttner. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, that will keep the buyers, well, perhaps more likely the sellers, working hard on wall street next week. friday, we get the official word from the government on what you may already know, more americans out of work. in october, the jobless rate may have hit or be very close to double digits. the street expects payrolls were cut again last month, adding up to the toughest jobs market since the depression. the u.s. has lost about 7.2 million jobs since the recession started in december, 2007. now, almost everyone, including the obama team expects this to et go worse. at least through the beginning of next year. in october's report, watch to see if wages are down or flat. that can mean consumer spending will keep falling, hard for the economy to grow long-term without that. now, this could take a toll on your investments, too. the broad market, the s&p 500
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fell in october for the first month since february. the dow dropped friday by the biggest one-day percentage since early july. much of that movement on news headlines. next week, the jobs report, the biggie of those, but there are others that could bring out the bulls or bears. the fed meets to set short-term interest rates, no move expected, no surprise, really, hard for bernanke and company to raise rates as unmroement gathers steam. we also find out if the housing market is finding some foundation. pending home sales out tomorrow, construction spending, too. factory also out. expected to edge higher, but the real work of next week, jobs. julie. >> julie: brenda buttner, thank you. breaking news on a sinking ship off the coast of australia. the search for survivors next.
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>> developing now on the fox report. the very latest right now on the australian ship that has sunk. a desperate search off the coast of australia now, the researchers there, the recovery crews, rather, searching for survivors, the boat went down in the open sea shall not far from the caicos islands. more than two dozen people are missing, 15 others were rescued and we'll bring you any
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developments as soon as we get them. bottom of the hour, new developments in afghanistan a setback for democracy and possibly complicating u.s. efforts to fight the taliban there. the top challenger to president karzai withdrawing from the runoff elections scheduled for this saturday. abdullah abdullah saying karzai's government has done nothing to address voter fraud. as you probably remember the election was marred with allegations of ballot stuffing by karzai supporters. abdullah's withdrawal as president obama wages future troop levels in afghanistan. and now, republicans turning up the heat for a decision. now, major garrett reporting that decision is not likely to be announced until after november 11th. caroline shively with more from washington. >> julie, once again, senior advisor david axlerod says a decision on sending more troops to afghanistan could be weeks away. while president obama has been
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weighing his decision, the war has intensified with october becoming its deadliest month with 57 american deaths. some republicans are pressuring president obama for a quick answer, citing the 68,000 troops we already have there in danger. >> and the longer this decision hangs, the more jeopardy, the more danger our troops on the ground there, are in the middle of. we've had the highest casualty totals in years over the last month or two. why? because all of the uncertainty around what the president's going to skied. >> administration officials are down playing the significance of abdullah abdullah dropping out of the afghan presidential runoff relative to mr. obama's decision on troop. general stanley mcchrystal asked for 40,000 more military members into the fight and an essential part of the plan is a government that's sought legitimate by afghan and a viable alternative to the taliban and that's the real key here. will afghan's race with
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president hamid karzai. they don't see the situation was markedly changed. >> we don't think that it's going to add a complication to the strategy. it's up to the afghan people to decide how to proceed going forward. >> today, secretary of state hillary clinton wrote in an e-mail, quote, it's now a matter for the afghan authorities to decide on a way ahead. julie, back to you. >> julie: caroline, thank you very much. and as caroline just mentioned, america's top diplomate saying it's now up to afghanistan's leaders to decide how to move forward after abdullah abdullah's withdrawal from the runoff election. regardless, secretary of state hillary clinton saying the u.s. will support the next leader of afghanistan. and that in all likelihood will be incumbent president hamid karzai. of the pressure was on karzai to accept the runoff after widespread voter fraud by supporters and he finally relented, but abdullah's decision is certainly a disappointing blow for everyone in support of afghanistan's
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young democracy. connor powell has more from kabul. >> julie, in recent weeks the international community pushed hard for the second round of election in hopes to bring legitimacy to the process and the incoming afghan government. but they are withdrawing from saturday's runoff election, saying a free and fair ballot would not be possible. he believes the problems with fraud that plagued the first round will plague the second round and he said he would not participate in a runoff. without a challenger, hamid karzai is certain to retain power, it's unclear if the november 7th vote will take place, the afghan election commission says it will, but privately western diplomates say there's no reason to spend the money or risk the lives of afghan and international troops on a foregone conclusion. dr. abdullah urged his supporters to stay calm tonight and not to take to the streets in protest, but there's a growing concern that this election which was supposed to
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help stabilize afghanistan may do just the opposite. julie. >> julie: connor you. this you. there was more talk about the white house and fox news on the sunday talk shows yet again today. the man who led president obama's campaign was on nbc to promote his new book. he never joined the administration in any official capacity, but did take time to attack fox news today. >> the fact that they're out there reporting that health care is going to cost a trillion and a half dollars, you know, the president at with the cia, the president must not be serious about terrorism. they're just out there not just the evening, the morning show. the today show doesn't make these stations. what fox is pop gaiting out there embraced by the media-- >> the current officials senior advisor david axlerod was on cbs and more measured on his comments and insisted the white house was not at war with fox news. >> we're at war only with people
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who represent mistruths as truth, and that's true of any network, whether it's fox, cbs or any other network, when errors of fact are stated or when opinion is offered as fact, we will challenge that. >> in other news, new developme developments in the story of the british couple kidnapped by somali pirates. the ransom amount for paul and rachel chandler may have dropped dramatically. yesterday we were hearing the pirates wanted around 7 million to release the couple. now, sky news is reporting a hostage negotiator is talking about an amount closer to sdz 165,000, the pirates say they've also taken the couple deeper into somalia, the couple was kidnapped last week while sailing towards tanzania. beijing gets its first snow, stories as we go around the
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world in 80 seconds. russia, a military cargo plane crashes on takeoff, killing all 11 crew members on board. foreclosures say the plane was tilting to the right and unable to gain altitude, causing it to crash into the heap of an old mine. exploding on impact. kosovo, former u.s. president bill clinton on hand for a statue unveiling of himself. thousands of albanians braved the cold weather with american flags in hand. the former president is a celebrated hero in kosovo for helping end the brutal crackdown that killed thousands. china, beijing getting its first major snowfall of the season. creating a nightmare for drivers and shovellers alike. blame mother nature all you want, but beijing's weather modification office saying they used artificial means used to increase the snow, all in hopes of easing a lingering drought.
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denmark, the largest cruiseship in the seas. clearing a crucial obstacle, a bridge at night. towering ship had to lower the smoke stack, missing the bridge by only two feet, but it fit, making it one step choser to its u.s. debut on november 20th. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. they went missing following mid air crash off the coast of california. tonight, what the coast guard is saying now about the rescue mission next. plus, new rules aimed at preventing risque moves at school dances. the crackdown on dirty dancing. coming up. ♪ óxñ
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>> sad developments 0 out of california today. the coast guard saying there's little hope for the nine servicemen who went missing after one of the planes collided with the marine corps helicopter over the pacific ocean of the the search shifting from a rescue mission to a recovery effort. the aircraft colliding thursday while the coast guard searched for a missing boater. the two marines aboard the chopper were part of a nighttime training exercise. yesterday the coast guard called off its search for the missing
7:42 pm
boater. not today and probably not tomorrow either, folks in san francisco get ready for another nightmare commute. crews are out on the san francisco oakland bay bridge working around the clock, but they say they still can't say when the bridge will actually reopen to traffic. now, you may recall that 5,000 pounds of steel that fell from the bridge back on tuesday right on to rush hour traffic, luckily, no one was hurt. well, it's high school homecoming season, that means football games and those big dances at schools, big dresseses, you've got to love them. some schools are taking new steps to keep dance moves clean. and that's right, no more dirty dancing. or grinding as the kids call it these days. at least no more freak dancing. exactly what can students do and what's now off limits? our casey stegall is live with the latest hi there, casey. >> you're saying the kids call it-- don't you feel old doing the
7:43 pm
story. >> julie: i sure do. >> i got to assignment because i just graduated from high school about three years ago myself. >> julie: sure. >> but school dances around the country, we were at one friday night out here in hollywood and i tell what you, they look a little bit different than maybe you and i are used to seeing here in 2009. many schools, not just in california, all-around the country for that matter report problems with students dirty dancing, also called freak dancing and pop culture and it's basically where kids daps very, very close together, sometimes touching each other inappropriately out on the dance floor while they're tearing it up and educators say in the school system these days, it's a very tough problem to curb. >> at the dance clubs the kids go to on the week it's just everywhere, so our mission is to get the word out that school is not the place for that. kids want to act that way they've got to do it someplace else other than school. >> are you ready for the solution? here we go. downey high school near los
7:44 pm
angeles making students sign dance contracts before they even show up to get down. you heard it right, once kids sign on the dotted line if they're caught dirty dancing they acknowledge they'll be kicked out of the furpgs and perhaps banned from future dances like prom and another school in southern california turning up the lights. if they see a violation. >> in the school furpgs, you know, school is a place where you need to be mature. maybe at a different party possibly, definitely at school where you need to be mature, there are adults at these functions so you want to keep a certain, a certain persona for yourself around your teachers. >> all right, so as you heard some students we talked to say that they support these rules for the most part although educators tell us they did see a slight dip in school dance attendance once they implemented the rules, but again, most the kids we talked to say that really they don't want to see that out on the dance floor at a school function and julie, again, you said earlier that you
7:45 pm
went to a private school. i thought the whole dance contract thing was developed because of you, i was wrong. >> julie: i wasn't. i don't want to see that anywhere not a school dance or in public, don't need to see it, it's gross. >> i here you. >> julie: i graduated high school last year, so i top you. the new york city marathon first time an american has taken the title in more than 25 years. so you can imagine the celebration when 34-year-old was wearing his usa on his chest when he crossed the finish line there. and then he did a pushup on top of t ran in his personal best time of 2 hours, 19 minutes 15 seconds and 2004 olympic silver medallist was born in africa and got u.s. citizenship 11 years ago and placed second and third before in new york's marathon, but this is his first win and i watched him run live. cool. and for the women, from eat opa, she took the title, the first
7:46 pm
women from ethiopia to win the new york marathon. and how i get the names right and screw up new york, 2 hours 28 minutes and 52 seconds, a record number of people, close to 48,000, ran in this year's marathon. very exciting. well, the phrase tree hugger takes on a new meaning when a tree trimmer loses his footing and a gorilla run gets wild in the colorado rockies, two stops as we go across america. california. >> he was hugging that tree real good. >> julie: dangling 50 feet in the era bakersfield man holds on for his life after losing his footing while trimming trees. >> i heard screaming, help, help, help, call 911. >> firefighters raced and had to use two special engines to hoist him out of the palm tree. we're told the man was using safety equipment, but was likely
7:47 pm
injured by falling branches and he was taken to the hospital. washington d.c., thousands ga they on the national mall to help raise money for autism research. >> i just want other people to not have to deal with the difficulties that my son has dealt with and there's a way we can end it, that'd be great. >> this group called autism speaks raised more than $700,000 with this walk, but there were also some protesters at the event. they were waving signs, upset about donations going to mostly genetic research. >> and they use fear and stigma trying to raise money off the backs of our people. >> julie: new york. >> it's wild and people filled the streets. >> julie: this halloween more than 2 million people filled the streets for new york city's 36th annual halloween parade in greenwich. >> we're doing the single zombies. >> from zombies, this halloween bash had it all. >> a wild and whacky run in
7:48 pm
denver. more than 100 people running in gorilla suits. some even dressed up like bananas and one gorilla had a santa suit. this annual run raises moan for the mountain gorilla conservation fund to help protect gorillas in rwanda. >> when it started only a hundred some gorillas, and now 750 due to events like this. >> julie: and that is a fox watch. they're out of work and looking for a fresh start. formerly laid off workers finding fresh job opportunities by following their dreams. when fox report returns in two and a half minutes. ÷÷÷÷÷÷
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. >> fox news is object on the job hunt. for millions finding work in the country, paying the bills and putting food on the table means pounding the pavement once again. spending weeks or months trying to find new employment, but for some losing their jobs means a chance to begin again and truly follow their passion. a fox report now from our affiliate wtvt in tampa. >> leann nods with approval at her career choice. sparks fly as a welder, it's her
7:52 pm
emotional high. >> when you find something that you like to do that much, you need to make a career out of it. >> leann, a trained air force medic, but when she left the military she wanted something other than the medical field. her search led her to this working classroom at vocational school. >> most of the welders they have right now are close to retirement and there's nobody new going into welding. so, they really need younger people to go into this field and nobody's doing it. so, the job opportunities right now are really huge. >> shipyards need welders to maintain and repair large vessels and other industries have a need. heading back to school after a layoff seems to be the thing to do. >> our enrollment is up probably 10%. right now, you know, i can easily say that a lot of our programs have waiting lists.
7:53 pm
>> most of the programs take only a year to complete. some a little longer. darryl ward is training to install and repair air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. good pay and steady work is in his future. . >> it will be a needed person once i finish the class. >> the cost of job retraining varies, if you're out of work and get help to pick up the tab. >> there's a very good possibility. i mean, we do have a large population that's getting pell grants from, you know, from the federal government. >> leann's reeducation took about a year and $3000. her military benefits paid for it. she couldn't be happier. >> when i first started this class, i really didn't think that i would like it mainly because i'm a girl and these are all guys and i wanted to-- i think my love is bigger than all of these men combined. she's already getting job offers here, out of state and even overseas and yes, leann has
7:54 pm
found her way in one of the hottest jobs out there, in the job shop, fox news. >> julie: well, just when you never thought that you were going to go and grab big bucks on ebay these days. check it out. if you're a regular viewer of fox report well then you know the story, one of my personal favorites recently. now, we have an update, it looks like a funky chair, right? it's one of those la-z-boy recliners and can zoom around and 20 miles per hour. why is it getting attention and raking in huge bids? maybe because of the juicy crime story behind it. you might want to sit down for this one. the story next. ♪
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
to be a great dad is the most important job in a man's life, but it doesn't have to be hard. all it takes is a few minutes of your time. because the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. >> you know how your mother taught you to share. how far would you go? would you share a grave? in london the largest cemetery is trying to persuade people to share a grave and it's better, they want you to share it with a stranger. the prem, london is rapidly running out of places to put their deceased? how is the idea going over? not well. one londoner says a grave is
7:58 pm
like a second home and weird to think of a stranger in your home with you. gee, do you think? you want a piece of history, remember this thing, this motor rise la-z-boy recliner? it got a laugh recently. we told you about the story earlier here on the fox report. you may also remember 61-year-old dennis anderson who was picked up for drunk driving on this beauty. well, that of course after he crashed it into a parked car. well, it's up for sale on ebay. and how much should you expect to fork over for this la-z-boy of all la-z-boys? our last check on ebay shows the bid, get this, you're not going to believe it, over $40,000. so start counting your pennies, you rich couch potatoes. well, box office numbers are in and michael jackson proves even in death's still the king of pop. . >> let's do it one more time ♪ billie jean is not my lover
7:59 pm
. >> i love you. >> julie: michael jackson's "this is it", number one at the box office. a documentary what was supposed to be his comeback tour, a hefty 21.3 million bucks and paranormal activity the second spot this weekend the horror flick brought in 16.5 million, while law abiding citizen took the third spot, couples retreat and saw iv rounding out the top five. and on this day in 1512, the people of rome looked up and they couldn't believe their eyes. for the first time the public an allowed into the vatican sistine chapel to gaze upon the ceiling pointed by none other than the legendary artist michelangelo. a labor of love to reveal the face of god 497 years ago today. and now, you know the news as fox reports this saturday, november 1st, 2009. i'm julie banderas, before w

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